Yawning Man “Live at Giant Rock” PREORDER

This live cinematic concert experience brings together the visuals of the unique, majestic and awe inspiring Giant Rock area of the Southern California Mojave desert with the music that these desert landscapes inspired.
Yawning Man’s music is the perfect soundtrack to this flight through the beautiful desert.
In the spirit of Pink Floyd’s “Live at Pompeii” the the performance is shot on location at Giant Rock with no audience. The concept is to pair the bands beautiful music with the dramatic natural landscapes.
The bands outdoor performances are legendary and have interest world wide…. this film is the first artfully composed representation of that experience.

Expected release date is Sep 7th 2020

Yawning Man “Live at Giant Rock”

Yawning Man will release this on DVD, Digitally as well as a vinyl LP and compact disk of the soundtrack to be
Released this fall on Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

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