Historical Graffiti

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Studio Album

Release date: 2016-08-18
Label: Lay Bare Recordings
Catalog #: LBR014

This very special recording session was done during the band’s 2015 South American tour, while in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Yawning Man was invited to record for one evening at the world famous, legendary ION Studios. This session featured guest appearances by Argentenian Tango musicians Sara Ryan on violin, and Adolfo Trepiana on band one on accordion, and Malene Arce on the Mellotron.
An Argentinian newspaper once wrote that the “condensed history of the nations music“ was to be found behind ION’s doors, and they were spot-on with this description. Some of the country’s brightest musical legends, such as Astor Piazzolla have reacted like ‘ions’ with other musicians, and the energy that was released during this process condensed in the form of numerous classic records; hence, the namesake!
As the largest and most legendary sound studio in Buenos Aires, ION remains one of the most remarkable recording venues in the world. It’s energy is evident in the spontaneous, edgy beauty created by the band in this collaboration of special artists- in a very special place.
This album goes out to all of our good friends (especially ALL who generously donated towards the making of this album on IndieGoGo!), and we thank you all for being so excellent, supportive and loyal. We have given our heart and soul to this recording, and we couldn’t have, wouldn’t have done it without YOU!!!

Gary Arce : Guitars
Mario Lalli : Bass
Bill Stinson : Drums
Sara Ryan : Violin
Adolofo Trepiana : Bandoneon (accordian)
Malene Arce : Keyboards, Mellotron
Mixed by Mathias Shneeberger
Recorded and engineered by : Leonardo Checheccia at Ion Studios, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Cover art, original painting by Yasmin Lamerain


  1. The Wind Cries Edalyn
  2. Her Phantom Finger of Copenhagen
  3. Naomi Crayola
  4. The Secret Language of Elephants
  5. Historical Graffiti